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2018 USN Classic

Photos courtesy of Sam Solarfly, Matt Marsh Photography

The 2018 UKDBFA contest season started with a bang as almost 120 novice athletes arrived at Rugby’s Benn Hall to compete in front of a capacity audience as almost 100 spectators queued outside the venue waiting for seats to become available so they could get in to watch the later classes, helping us to raise over £2,000 for local charity Zoes Place Baby Hospice with the proceeds of their patience. If this contest is an indicator of the season to come, we are heading for something very special as we once again build up to the season finale in Los Angeles.

The results were as follows:

Teenage Men

1 – Mason Richards (Northampton)
Edging the win in the first of many closely fought battles of the day, Mason was vastly improved over last year in terms of overall size, with an incredible shape and structure and particularly impressive back which gave him the edge today. If he brings his condition in to the required level, it would take someone special to beat him at the finals.

2 – Karl Lingard (Blackpool)
Being notable harder than Mason, although not quite 100% condition wise, Karl pushed his opponent right to the wire today despite not being as well developed and if he were a few percent harder from the rear in particular would have possibly taken the decision. This will be an interesting re-match at the finals if Karl can put the finishing touches to his conditioning.

Junior Men

1 – William Andrews (Pirbright)
Despite the deep 11 man class in which he stood, William took a clear win today due to his incredible conditioning which made him stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of the class. He literally could not have been tighter, with striations and clear separating lines in every body part. A little heavier in the lower body than the upper, with some tweaks needed to his presentation for the finals, William will be another man to watch in October.

2 – David Debono (Barry)
Taller and more aesthetic than the winner with plenty of balanced muscle but although in good shape not quite the level of condition to create the impact needed to take the title today, David made an impressive debut with polished and competent posing and a great overall physique.

3 – Joe Charlton (Crayford)
A beast of a junior with muscle in abundance on all body parts with particularly impressive arms and a scary most muscular pose, Joe was almost unrecognisable from last year’s appearance and could easily be the dark horse for the finals if he nails his conditioning. Incredible potential.

4 – Darrian Shepard (Northampton)
At only 19 years old (missing the teens due to his 20th birthday falling before the finals), Darrian was possibly the “find” of the day with an incredible structure and shape boasting wide shoulders, a tiny waist and flaring thighs which were his best developed body part. He posed like a seasoned veteran and gave no ground in the comparisons to his older foes. A future star without doubt once he grows and matures to his potential.

5 – Ellis Mason (Northampton)
A compact and muscular Ellis took the final trophy spot with an impressive and well balanced physique shown off in good condition. A little more size overall and a darker tan for future outings will stand him in good stead.

Also competed – Philipp Cross (Bury) who took 6th place, and would have been well into the trophies on another day with a well-shaped and lean upper body and good posing. More legs and a little more condition could see him do serious damage in the junior ranks. Adam Hobbs, Conor Crossley, Rory Golden, Bradley Ventham and Connor Notley rounded out the class and all looked great and for the most part were simply unlucky to land in such an incredible class of athletes today. A little more size and condition in general for each of these men would have pushed them to the fringes of the top 5.

Masters Men

1 – Mark Newton (St Helens)
A shredded Mark took the masters title in style with some of the best condition of the contest with confident presentation and a killer side triceps pose. Long term, a little more overall mass and fullness will benefit him as he enters the open divisions but he was incredible for a first timer, having transformed his physique to make his stage debut and should be incredible proud of his achievements.

2 – Kiran Dip Singh (Mildenhall)
A little heavier muscled overall with a nice shape, Kiran too looked impressive and made a great debut. His conditioning was no match for the winner however and he seemed to struggle a little with showing himself to his best onstage. A little more polished in these areas though and Kiran could find himself winning titles in the near future.

Grandmasters Men

1 – Gerhard Struckmann (Bracknell)
Taking the battle of two inspirational Grandmasters men by virtue of his greater overall muscularity, Gerhard looked incredible for a man who had bought himself down from 140kg to make his stage debut and boasted impressive arms and quads and great posing. Hopefully this will spur Gerhard on to continue his journey and this will be the first of many titles for the big man.

2 – Andy Anderson (Northwich)
Although battling significant kidney disease, Andy bought himself to the stage much improved from his outing of 2 years ago looking leaner, more muscular and the best part of 10 years younger than he did then! Incredible progress for a man in his fifties, let alone one who has the obstacles to face that Andy does. We look forward to seeing Andy again and following his journey.

Ladies Masters Figure

1 – Selina Large (Chelmsford)
A solid winner in the masters class, Selina looked poised and polished onstage with great presentation and tan and a well-balanced, lean figure without any obvious weak points. One to watch at the finals if she can get a little harder and even more so in future seasons with some added muscle size overall.

2 – Tracy Woodhead (Coventry)
Harder than the winner, and in the most optimal condition of the class with a superb midsection, Tracy pushed hard for top spot and just lost out by virtue of the winners better overall balance, particularly from the rear where Tracy needs to add a little more muscle if she can.

3 – Wendy Greenwood (Coventry)
Lean and well balanced, with conditioning and muscularity sufficient to earn her the final top 3 placing but not quite to topple the two ladies who placed ahead of her, Wendy will benefit from just a little more conditioning and some tweaks to her posing to help show her off to her best.

4 – Sara Robinson (Abingdon)
Sara had a well-developed and proportioned figure which she showed off with some confident and precise posing but just lacked enough condition to break into the top 3 today. A little harder, and she could have potentially jumped a few places without doubt.

5 – Bryony Goodliffe (Cambridge)
A compact and well developed competitor with particularly impressive arms and shoulders, Bryony lacked the condition to place higher today but loved every second of her time onstage and will no doubt be back for more.

6 – Jane Monks (Oldham)
Similarly, Jane needed more conditioning to challenge for the higher placings today but seemed to love every second of competition and presented herself well.

Ladies Figure

1 – Erin Coleman (Newark)
Taking a close fought decision in this high standard line-up, the little extra conditioning that Erin boasted over the other athletes in the class clinched the win for her today particularly in the front and rear double bicep poses where the muscularity in her arms and back was impressive. A little more leg development to balance her figure out will benefit Erin going forwards but she will be a strong challenger at the finals regardless.

2 – Sarah Hickinbotham (Worcester)
Structurally and in terms of overall balance, Sarah had the edge today and rightfully took first p[lace votes from a portion of the judges as a result. A little harder today and things could have gone in her favour without doubt and it will be interesting to see how she progresses throughout the season if she chooses to as Sarah too could make a huge impact at the finals.

3 – Candi Martin (Newcastle Under Lyme)
Another lady blessed with an incredible natural shape which she has made the most of in developing a well-balanced and proportioned figure which she showed off with very competent posing. Just a little more condition wise would benefit Candi in future, and she has great potential for future success.

Ladies Bodybuilding

1 – Faye Brownjohn (Ingatestone)
An impressive win for Faye, who came to the stage in condition rarely seen on a female athlete and left the judges which part of her impressive, balanced physique to look at first. At a standard rarely reached by some veteran professional athletes, Faye could be headed for a blockbuster season if she continues her campaign.

2 – Marie Newton (Stourbridge)
Impressively muscled and in great balance, Marie made a great debut and too will be every bit at home on the finals stage if she can tighten up her condition a little between now and October. Good enough to take any regional title and just unlucky to come up against an athlete as one in a million as Faye today, Marie too has a bright future in the sport.

Novice Men, Lightweight

1 – James Elsom (Banbury)
The first of our mens bodybuilding classes was won emphatically by James, simply oozing class in his UKDFBA debut with a heavily muscled physique in near perfect balance, shown off with flair and precision which earned him the Best Poser award. A touch harder, particularly in the lower body and with some attention to his tan which appeared a little heavy and patchy in places and James will be hard to stop at any level.

2 – David Brodie (Wisbech)
Hard, muscular and with impressive quads and chest in particular, David would have been a worthy winner on any other occasion had he not met the incredible package of todays winner onstage. Some focus on his back and arms will benefit him in future outings, where if he can reproduce todays condition he too will be one to watch out for.

3 – Matthew Seawright (Tamworth)
Veteran Pro Boxer turned competitive bodybuilder Matthew made a creditable debut today, showing the beginnings of a contest winning physique in good shape. Knowing the work ethic and toughness he will carry over into his new sport, it’s almost inevitable that Matthew will not stop until he reaches his goals and we look forward to seeing the next version of him when he steps onstage again.

With a massive entry into the next weight bracket, the class was split into 2 to allow each athlete a better stage experience. Both divisions proved to be amongst the strongest of the day, with a standard in each which was just sky high for novice level athletes.

Novice Men, Middleweight A

1 – Andrzej Krawczyck (Coventry)
Shredded, with a nicely balanced physique which although was not the biggest in the class boasted some eye catching body parts displayed with some slick posing. If Andrzej can repeat this condition in October with a little more fullness, he will almost certainly be a front runner at the finals.

2 – Jack Regan (Middlesbrough)
Locked in a real battle for second and third, Jack edged the decision today by virtue of being slightly bigger and thicker overall, with a very pleasing physique which he displayed well. Harder condition today would have afforded him the opportunity to challenge harder for the top spot and should be his focus for the finals.

3 – Rob Wheadon (Maidstone)
Another man in rock hard condition but not quite heavy enough to tip the balance in his favour today was Rob, who had perhaps the most eye catching shape of the top 3 in this class and pushed Jack hard for the runner up spot.

4 – Dean Willison (Godmanchester)
A tall man in good shape, but not quite heavily muscled enough overall to move ahead of the more compact physiques which placed ahead of him today, Dean looked superb in his first contest and as he fills out his large frame with the required muscle will no doubt feature strongly in future if he can reproduce this level of condition.

5 – Thomas Taylor (Newark)
Another taller, leaner man who lacked the raw size to place higher today but came onstage win good condition, Thomas too will benefit from adding some more muscle to his frame.

Also competed – James Calvey (Bournemouth) who was thickly muscled and boasted a great chest and back, but needed a little more condition to place higher today and long term will benefit from focusing on bringing his legs up to match his upper body. Joshua Martin (Northwich) made a great stage debut and looked to enjoy every second of his time up there, but needs to make some overall progress in size and condition to break into the trophies.

Novice Men, Middleweight B

1 – Moteleola Makinde-Akani (London)
Taking a razor thin decision which could have gone to any one of the top 4 in this class without complaint, Moteleola got the nod by having a little of everything with muscle to rival any of his opponents, enough condition to display everything clearly and a nice overall shape with wide shoulders, narrow waist and flaring thighs. Overjoyed to have taken what he knew was a tight win, it was a pleasure to see Moteleola so respectfully happy with his placing when it was announced.

2 – Adam Snedker (Northampton)
Harder than the winner but not quite as thickly muscled overall, Adam was his best yet and too was ecstatic with his placing and finals invite. The rematch at the finals between the whole top 3 will be an interesting one as they are so closely matched, and Adam should aim to reproduce todays hardness and detail with as much fullness as he can to play to his strengths when these men meet again.

3 – Kris Payne (Leeds)
The hardest of the top 3, but also the tallest and relatively the lightest muscled was Kris, who had an imposing frame with his wide shoulders and narrow waist, but lost a little impact from the waist down and in terms of depth sideways on which is to be expected in a taller Middleweight. Having said this, Kris took a first place vote from one judge and rightly so as he had an incredible visual impact onstage and if he focuses on appearing at the finals fuller and thicker could easily reverse the placings today.

4 – Anthony Bevas (Coventry)
Without a doubt the heaviest muscled man in the contest today with a World class physique which was thickly developed from all angles and in good balance. Anthony was just a few percent away from being in the required shape today however which cost him against the top 3 men when trying to pick apart this mega tight class. Again, taking a first place vote from one judge showed however that despite missing his peak compared to the top 3, Anthony was still very much in the mix and just unlucky to find himself in such great company. When he masters true contest condition, watch out!

5 – Loic Perusset (Sheffield)
Big and cut, Loic looked very impressive and normally would have been fighting it out for the higher placings and again was just unfortunate to land in such a tough class. He struggled to display himself effectively in some poses, particularly from the rear and was a little pale tan wise but showed immense potential for the future.

Also competed – Chris Maylunn (Northampton) who was well shaped and balanced and posed impeccably, just needed to be harder overall and Jason Wymann (Stamford) who similarly looked well proportioned and balanced and will have greater success in future when he nails his conditioning.

Novice Men, Heavyweight

1 – Jakson Trovoada (Worcester)
A runaway winner in the heavyweights, with super hard condition and heavy muscle all over, Jakson suffered only from a few issues with his tan which ran badly onstage which would have been to his detriment in a larger class which would have seen him under the lights for longer. Claiming the final spot in the overall, it was clear we were in for a battle with all 4 class winners looking incredible in their own right.

2 – Michael Leversidge (Dunstable)
Well developed with particularly impressive legs for a tall man, Michael took a well deserved runner up spot today and with a little more upper body development to balance him out and slightly harder condition will be capable of pushing for top spot in any line-up in future.

3 – Malcolm Treneman (London)
Making his stage debut after an incredible transformation which has seen him lose a considerable amount of bodyweight, Malcolm looked every bit at home on a bodybuilding stage with muscle and condition in abundance, again heavier and harder in the lower body than the upper and pushing Michael hard for the runner up spot.

4 – Nathan Sutcliffe (Birmingham)
Well balanced with a nice shape and taper, Nathan needed harder condition to make an impact against the top three today.

5 – Andrew Boussie (Burton on Trent)
Likewise, Andy appeared big and balanced and posed well, but needs to take his conditioning to the next level if he can in order to crack the placings.

Mens Overall Bodybuilding

As the Junior, Masters and 4 weight class winners lined up for the overall showdown it became apparent that as impressive as they all were in their own right this battle would come down to Lightweight winner James and Heavyweight Jakson in a classic “apples vs oranges” contest where both men were equally heavily muscled for their frames, Jakson the harder of the two but James untouchable in the balance and symmetry fronts. As all 6 men went through their paces one final time and posed down to a great crowd reaction, the judges scores were added up to reveal a 3-2 vote in favour of our Lightweight winner, who seemed so shell shocked when his name was announced that it took a few seconds for it to sink in that he’d won! But win he did, and deservedly so as he now goes on to contest Octobers finals where he will no doubt find himself in another great battle.

Ladies Bikini, Short

1 – Malgorzata Kasprzycka (Rugby)
A solid win in a good class for Malgorzata, who boasted the “right” level of muscle and condition for the class and posed near perfectly. If she can reproduce this package for the finals she can expect to feature strongly.

2 – Lauren Stevenson (Matlock)
With a great shape and balance and good stage presence, Lauren pushed the winner hard in the comparisons and with slightly harder condition could have made the judges job near impossible.

3 – Morgen Butler (Northampton)
Another lady who was lean and well balanced, Morgen will climb the placings further as she gains a little more muscle overall.

4 – Jess Shemmans (Coventry)
Perfectly shaped and in good condition, Jess’ preparation for the contest had been hampered with a broken hand which had actually prevented her from training for some time up to the event, yet still she was able to present an eye catching figure onstage. With a full and fruitful prep for her next event, it will be interesting to see what she brings to the stage.

5 – Kerri-Ann Angus (Cumbernauld)
Well-structured and shaped and with great presentation, Kerri-Ann just needed to be a touch leaner today to potentially jump several places and will almost certainly move up the ranks as the season goes on.

Also competing – Clare Livermore (Basildon) who just missed the top 5 with a great figure which would have seen her place higher in most line ups. Danielle McIntyre (Glasgow), Tapiwa Onaola, Nicola Humphries and Rachel Pincher (Stourbridge), Morgan Bruce (Glasgow), Aimee Wiltshire (Ringwood) and Mandy Johnson (Birmingham) were all in great shape but each needed a little more muscle and condition to break the placings today.

Ladies Bikini, Tall

1 – Ruby Howse (Hitchin)
A clear and unanimous winner of the tall class with muscle development, condition and presentation all absolutely spot on was Ruby, who made a great debut and will feature strongly at the finals. With her taller frame naturally capable of holding a little more muscle while remaining within the boundaries for the bikini discipline, she has potential for years of success in this class.

2 – Claire Sands (Barwell)
Well-shaped and developed but not quite hard enough to challenge the top spot today, Claire too looked great and has a bright future.

3 – Lindsay Bruce (Edinburgh)
In great shape with good presentation, Lindsay too has the scope to add more muscle to her taller frame going forwards and if she can do so while maintaining her shape and condition will push for top spot in future.

4 – Claire Przybylak (Redditch)
Perfectly conditioned and presented but again another lady who can handle more muscle on her frame, Claire took a well-deserved trophy spot today and can do so again in the future without doubt.

5 – Iona Mannering (Fratton)
Lean and well-proportioned but with somewhat over emphasised presentation at times which detracted from her figure, Iona would benefit from relaxing a little more onstage in future contests.

Also competed – Lisa Moore (Herne Bay) who placed 6th and could easily have been in the trophies without any complaints. Rebecca Ager (Northwich) who was another lady who needs more muscle on her taller frame to make a bigger impact, Lydia Stevenson (Glasgow) who also just missed out on a top 5 spot with a neat and well-presented figure and Ellie Savva (Chelmsford) who has potential to leap up the placings if she can find the condition to show off her incredible shape.

Bikini Overall

As the two winners lined up, it was clear that the more compact and shapely figure of the short class winner would be hard to match today, despite both ladies looking excellent in their own right. Malgorzata was crowned Overall Bikini Champion much to her delight, and both she and Ruby now look forward to meeting again at Octobers finals.

Mens Physique, Short

1 – Greg Smith (Leyland)
An incredible physique and a clear winner from the moment the class was assembled onstage, Greg was muscular, balanced and in good condition and met the criteria for the class perfectly. His presentation was slick and to the point and it was clear that the other class winners would have to be of a very high standard to match him in the overall.

2 – Oli Nelson (Hove)
Harder than Greg, with great condition and ample muscle for the class, Oli didn’t quite have the aesthetic impact needed to challenge the winner today but was more than good enough to take a well-deserved runner up spot in a tight battle with the next two men.

3 – Sam Bristow (Lancing)
Sam just missed second place today and if he were a little harder would have possibly challenged for the win and been equally as strong an overall contender. A touch harder and more detailed, particularly around the midsection and he is capable of leaping the placings later in the season.

4 – Lee Bushell (Bury)
Just pipped out of the top 3 on a very close call with Oli and Sam, Lee was in the hardest condition in the class but it seemed this had come at the expense of a little fullness. A few pounds heavier and not quite as drawn looking, and Lee could have made this class impossible to split.

5 – Admilson Brito (Wolverhampton)
Taking a narrowly fought fifth place, Admilson had a pleasing upper body shape with full muscle bellies and just needed to be a touch harder to have pushed the higher spots.

Also competed: John Russell (Dudley) who was big and cut, and whose shape may well lend better to bodybuilding as opposed to physique where he would make a greater impact. Matthew Thompson (Stoke on Trent), Dion Tsouramanis (Bognor Regis), Ryan Shaw (Widnes), Chun Hean Sim (Birmingham) and Gareth Henton (Norwich) all looked great but lacked the size and shape to break into the placings today.

Mens Physique, Medium

1 – Nicolo Catalano (London)
Another standout winner in great shape with plenty of muscle and great condition, Nicolo took a well-deserved win in a very strong class against some stern opposition today.

2 – Shaun Latibeaudiere (Billericay)
Not as heavily muscled as the winner, but in great condition with an incredible shape and taper in the upper body, Shaun was vastly improved over last years performance and an incredible example of what this discipline is all about.

3 – Michael Goodridge (London)
Just a slight lack of the conditioning displayed by the top 2 kept Michael in the third place spot today, and had he been a touch harder may have turned things around. A superb aesthetic shape with impressive back development, Michael has potential to catch the judges attention in any line-up.

4 – Michael Purdie (Darlington)
Lean and hard with a well-balanced physique, Michael needed to be a little bigger and fuller to crack the top 3 today but looked great nonetheless and was deserving of a top 5 spot.

5 – Jamie Stanley (Swindon)
Another man in great condition and well balanced, but more size overall was required to climb the placings today.

Also competed – Yuanpei Wu (London) who just missed the top 5 with a great overall shape and ample muscle size throughout his upper body. A little harder condition wise and he could have easily jumped several places. George Owen (Rugby), Clinton Samuel (Blackwood), Sasha Marajenkov (Norwich), Keiran Jeary (Norwich) and Martin Gilchrist (London) rounded out the class and despite all looking great, needed more size and condition to trouble the top 5.

Mens Physique, Medium/Tall

1 – Kasey Birtley (Coventry)
Kasey’s aesthetic appeal in this class could not be ignored, and although capable of carrying a little more muscle and being a little harder he stood out as the front runner in this class almost immediately and could not be denied the win today. Kasey was respectfully overjoyed to be announced the winner in the class and now goes on to the finals to challenge there.

2 – Joshua Wingfield (Dartford)
Coming out on top in a tough battle for second and third by virtue of his harder condition, Joshua had a pleasing upper body shape and along with third placed Charlie gave the winner a good challenge today.

3 – Charlie Goldie-Galloway (Blackpool)
Just missing out on runner up spot but with an impressive physique nonetheless, Charlie could have turned things around and pushed the winner harder with a little more conditioning today.

4 – Adrian Baczkowski (Slough)
Hard and muscular, but without the aesthetic appeal of the men who placed ahead of him, Adrian was the best he has been yet and edges further and further up the placings and closer to the coveted top 3 slots.

5 – Harry Hunt (Redditch)
Harry took the final trophy spot in a tough battle with 6th placed Marco with a lean and balanced physique that was understandably not quite as heavily built as the guys who placed ahead of him due to him being one of the younger athletes in the class. He will now doubt climb the placings as he continues to progress.

Also competed – Marco Prota (Nuneaton) who narrowly missed the top 5 with a lean and well prepared physique which if he could focus on and bring up his back to match the front of his torso would rocket up the placings. Bradley Jurowski (Burgess Hill), Nathan Thomas (Bromley), Curtis Welsby (Manchester), Phillip Lee (Torquay) and David Drynan (Gravesend) completed the class with each man either lacking the size or conditioning to place higher.

Mens Physique, Tall

1 – Damon Groves (Redditch)
A tall, wide shouldered man who carried as much muscle as he possibly could without being too large for the discipline and in great shape, Damon took a solid win and completed what would soon be an absolute judge’s dilemma in deciding an overall winner today.

2 – Sam Harvey (Tottenham)
An incredibly muscular man in hard, detailed condition who gave the winner a strong challenge and finished the day a clear runner up. Sam looked a little tense at times and could probably benefit from easing off on some of his poses to show as much of his natural width as possible.

3 – Adam Reed (Kettering)
Vastly improved from last year in terms of size and condition, Adam won a deserved third place today and at this rate of improvement is a future winner for sure.

4 – Elliott Stanley (Leeds)
Well-muscled and lean, Elliott pushed the top 3 hard and with a little more condition could have moved up the placings with ease.

5 – Ian Hamilton (Gateshead)
Hard and muscular but without the aesthetic appeal of some of the guys who placed higher, an impressive Ian took the final trophy spot against some stiff opposition.

Also competed – Nathan Collins (Chelmsford), Patrick Foley (Treforrest) and Austen Hills (Plymouth) were all locked in a stiff battle for the final trophy spot and were so evenly matched that it could have gone to any one of them. Craig Redgate (Poole), Reece Halsey (Luton) and Dan Layton (Greenhithe) rounded out the class and all bought great physiques to the stage, albeit not quite muscular and developed enough to crack the placings.

Overall Winners