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2015 WNBF World Championships
Team UK Wins Big on the Boardwalk!

Report by Lee Kemp
Photos courtesy of Reggie Bradford and Team UK

Within days of the UK & International contest, Team UK were selected and on paper looked to be our strongest yet, with a standard in both amateur and pro athletes that were in the early predictions tipped to do some serious damage on the impending World stage. But, just as importantly it quickly became apparent that this year’s team would be the tightest knit and most mutually supportive in our five years, as the various members bonded and forged an incredible team spirit before we’d even left for the airport. Overall, there was a great “feel” about this year’s trip and little doubt that Atlantic City see the birth of some great friendships and amazing memories.

So, before we knew it we were all checking in at various airports preparing for the journey to the other side where we would meet and board the coach for the final leg of the trip. After the slight hiccup in this same plan back in 2012 I have to admit I was nervously watching the weather forecasts and airline schedules and hoping that we’d all be off on time safe and sound. With great relief, it was to be a smooth trip and all that was left to do was to await the inevitable airport grilling that one member of the team always seem to attract. The only question was who it would be...

It was me. Yes, as if I wasn’t apprehensive enough (did I mention I’m not a fan of flying?) I was also the lucky one “randomly” selected for a thorough search at the gate much to the amusement of my travelling companions and duly captured on film by team coach Toby Hines until he got a stern telling off from airport security. Happily though, we were eventually allowed out of the country and next stop was New Jersey! A comfortable flight and coach trip followed and the next thing we saw was the huge and lavishly presented Trump Taj Mahal resort where a mountain of pre prepared food had been delivered for the athletes, organised by team member Marcus Beales who had really put himself out to make sure everyone was taken care of. Check in done, it was time for rest and the calm before the storm which would be the following day as the Championships entered full swing.

Friday morning saw the customary early rise for pretty much everyone due to the time difference and we would soon see a number of familiar faces not only from our own team but our International colleagues buzzing around the resort. As the team assembled in their kits at 9am for a team photo before the weigh in, there was a determined buzz about the team that was all too familiar to Dave and I, and we knew that from that moment on it was time for business!

A short time later up in the conference room, we found ourselves in a sea of athletes all jostling for position in the queue to weigh in and register. All of the team were exactly where they intended to be weight wise and looked to be in their best shape of the season. It was clear to see their fellow competitors casting a curious glance their way as they stripped down for weigh in and hit a few cursory poses for Toby’s ever roaming camera. It was also amazing and for some a little surreal to be on hand as some of the biggest names in the sport such as Brian Whitacre, Shevon Cunningham and Irhassette McLean weighed in. Each looked incredible and threw a real perspective on not only just how good it was possible to be but how incredibly high the standard of this contest was.

Weigh in finally done, there was time for a few hours seeing the local sights and grabbing some lunch with team coach Mick Boyle (who along with Toby Hines and Trish Hurst grafted solidly all weekend to make sure the team were stage ready) before the first day of battle commenced.

After the competitors meeting, it was time to head to the Xanadu Showroom where the contest would be held. It was huge, with staging, lighting and facilities more than befitting an event of this magnitude. The four men who would take the stage tonight (namely Marcus Beales, Matt Argall, Damian Lees and Nigel St Lewis who would contest the amateur men’s open weight divisions in the search of their long sought after pro status and the chance to take the stage in the following days pro contest) walked across the auditorium floor towards the backstage area quiet and focused. In the coming few hours, each would feel the agony or ecstasy of discovering whether their goals had been reached and the pressure was mounting as that moment drew closer.

Team UK had two men in the Bantamweight class, both with clear objectives. It was a strong line up with Marcus and Matt taking the stage with seasoned Swiss athlete Claudio Bonandrini, shredded American Ronald Jukes Jr who was sporting but fiercely in the zone backstage and a number of other familiar faces, all improved from previous showings and ready for battle. From the off, the battle for the top 3 was clearly going to be between Matt, Claudio and Ronald with the other two trophy spots looking to be fought out by Marcus, Swiss Daniel Glutz and Robert Allen of the USA. The athletes were worked hard by head judge Bill Murphy with round after round of comparisons and were eventually instructed to leave the stage, tired and nervously anticipating the outcome. All of the men in this division were great posers, with each delivering a great routine and truly soaking up the experience of competing at the elite level. When the 5 finalists were announced, Marcus was ecstatic to hear he’d made the cut and fulfilled his ambition of going home with some silverware in his first International appearance. With Glutz announced in fifth, Marcus subsequently claimed fourth place and his ever present smile grew tenfold and didn’t shift for the rest of the weekend! Jukes claimed third and Bonandrini second leaving Matt claiming his second World title and first blood of the weekend for Team UK. Our 20 strong army of supporters and the remaining members of team roared our guys on throughout and set the standard for the great reception on hand for all of the team from start to finish.

It was with huge anticipation that our next athlete, 3 time UK Champion Damian Lees took the stage in the Lightweights in what would be his third and possibly last attempt at the amateur World title after two consecutive controversial runner up spots. In the weeks since his last UK title win, Damian had dug deeper than ever and given every ounce of his being to achieve his best package to date, and would later prove to be the hardest and most detailed man in the entire amateur contest with truly pro-level conditioning. He needed every ounce of what he had though as he faced newly crowned Swiss Champion Ken Buser and the returning World Champion from 2012 and possibly pre contest favourite Victor Velasquez of Argentina who had both been seen in excellent shape in the pictures posted online leading up to today. Damian, undeterred by the quality of his opponents shone like a beacon in this line up, with poise and stage presence befitting the pro he aimed to become. Time after time he nailed his compulsories with force and grace and after delivering his usual excellent free posing routine looked every bit the winner. Experience however had taught us to take nothing for granted and the announcement of the placings in this class was possibly one of the most nerve wracking I have ever watched in my 25 years involved in the sport. Velasquez took a surprising fourth place, pipped for the top 3 by Swiss Junior mass monster Patjim Ramadani and after what seemed like an eternity Buser was awarded runner up spot as a look of elation and relief washed over Damian like a tidal wave as the realisation came to him that he was finally crowned World Lightweight Champion. From the screams of delight and the tears shed in the audience, it was clear to see that this win meant an awful lot to not only Damian but his loved ones who’d made the long journey to be with him. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to getting a little dewy eyed myself, after helplessly watching Damian deal with the agonising defeat of the previous year. The job wasn’t done yet though as only the top 3 in the upcoming overall would be awarded WNBF Pro status so back downstairs we went to regroup and top up the tan in preparation for the main event.

After the Middle and Light Heavy classes which featured no UK athletes (but in which it was great to see friends Kwesi Bacchus win the middles and Jules Payette bag runner up spot in the Light Heavies both in their best shape to date) it was time for the final class, and Nigel St Lewis’ date with destiny in the Heavyweights. After battling 3 times for a spot on Team UK, and narrowly losing out twice on previous attempts for a WNBF Pro Card back in the UK, Nigel was hungry for this moment and smashed through the first hurdle of his quest in devastating fashion as he ran out a clear and comfortable winner of the heavies ahead of the previous weeks ripped and ready Monster Mash winner Terrell Lewis, veteran Charles Blume and massive Anthony Senior. All three men had elements of a top level physique, but none the answer for the complete package brought onstage by the man from the UK. Nigel was big, full, hard and charismatic onstage and as always boasted the best shape and symmetry of the whole amateur show and would not be denied today as he too was announced winner and World Champion with Lewis 2nd, Blume 3rd and Senior 4th. Once again, the job was not quite done yet with a top 3 overall placing to be bagged before the next day’s festivities were on the cards so Nigel too had to quickly compose himself and prepare for the next leg of the battle.

As the 5 champions took the stage in the Overall, it soon became apparent that as good as Bacchus and huge Russian born Swiss delegate Sergey Martynuyk (who at only 18 years old displayed staggering mass and exquisite shape to take the light heavy division) were, their size and shape would be outshone today by the complete and conditioned physiques of the 3 UK athletes in the line-up. As Matt and Damian were placed either side of Nigel in the middle of the line, the only question was which of the three would take the title. Despite his superb quality, Matt was a little too light to topple the other men and took third place. As conditioned and balanced as Damian was, he took a close runner up spot hard on the heels of the man who had just a little too much muscle and shape to be beaten today. Nigel “The Symmetry” St Lewis fell to his knees as he was announced Overall Amateur World Champion and finally reaching the pinnacle of amateur competition for which he had been destined for so long. The scene backstage was electrifying as all 3 men came offstage as professional athletes, with emotional and elated scenes, congratulatory wishes from both friends and strangers and the anticipated few words for Toby’s ever ready camera. It wasn’t long though before our new pros were whisked away for drug tests and the admin that would allow them to return the following day to metaphorically “swim with the sharks”. For the rest of us, it was time to get some rest for the long day ahead...

A few short hours later, it was 8am and the Pro athletes, including our three new Pros met at the venue to start preparing for the 9am start. By the time the first of the team took to the stage, the rest of Team UK and their supporters had claimed their section in the audience and would be the noisiest section of the crowd for practically the whole of the 13 hours that followed. First out for us were the Pro Women’s Bodybuilding classes, in which we had Team UK’s Anna Millington-Downing in the heavies and former UK Champion Nicky Fogarty in the lights. Both classes were stacked, with Nicky holding her own and fighting hard in her class, but facing a standard of opposition pretty much never seen before in this division with even last year’s runner up Kristin Fonseca having to work hard to contend for a top 5 placing and the previous months International runner up Jorun Morkore of the Faroe Islands looking to be having a tough time of it in the comparisons too despite being every bit as good as she was when she took the silver medal in Leamington. In the heavies it was a similar story with last year’s middleweight winner Emily Ingram looking to be on the fringes of the top 5, but our Anna placed slap bang in the centre in what appeared to be a head to head with Americas Robin Mays. Anna, her lifetime best when she won the International a month previously was even better today and certainly had the edge in terms of structure and shape. Mays, although not lacking in muscle herself was rock hard and had a distinct edge in lower body muscularity and perhaps top to bottom balance as a result. This would be a real “Apples vs Oranges” contest that would without doubt go right down to the wire that night.

Next up were the Pro Men, with debuting Matt first in a whopping 13 man class which included 4 time winner and current Yorton Cup Champion Brian Whitacre, last year’s Bronze Medallist Thomas Rasmusen of Denmark and a number of Italian athletes who were all in outstanding condition. Matt had a tough prejudging, looking to lose a little ground to the naturally wider men in the symmetry round, but being drawn closer to the middle during the muscularity round, where despite Matt giving considerable weight away to the likes of Whitacre, he was heavily muscled, dense and rock hard with great detail in all body parts. The question would be answered later as to whether his combined score would be enough to edge him into the top 5, but regardless of whether it did or not, Matt had held his ground in a tough Pro class and clearly demonstrated that he belonged at this level.

Damian was out next in the Middleweights and was in an equally deep and respectable standard of opponent with defending Champ Cleveland Thomas, last year’s Lightweight Champion Martin Ortiz and veteran former World Champion Miles Stovall all fighting for the title. Damian looked harder, bigger and fuller than the day before (rumour has it courtesy of a celebratory burger and fries and “just a little bit” of ice cream the previous evening) and attacking the comparisons with a composed aggression which belied his rookie pro status. He looked to be well in the thick of things as he was moved to the outer fringes of the top 5 but it was almost certain that he wouldn’t quite crack the medals on this occasion, mostly due to the size difference between him and his opponents (Damian weighed 162 pounds at the weigh in, which would have put him in the Lightweight class any other year but the cut-offs were decided on an equal split after all 37 of the Pro Men were registered and on this occasion he missed the Lightweights by 2lbs, while his heaviest opponent in the Middles was some 18lbs heavier than him) but his exceptional quality and now ridiculous conditioning would assist him in holding his ground. After prejudging, he looked to be somewhere round 7th or 8th place and it would be interesting to see exactly where he did eventually land.

The last Pro class of the morning were of course the Heavyweights. It was almost impossible to keep up while cheering for our guys in this class, with Team members Milan Panek and Adrian Grey being joined by the debuting Nigel and our dear friend and UK’s own Chris Nsubuga, the defending champion. With former Overall World Champ Shevon Cunningham falling into the heavies this year and the tall and incredibly large physique of Californian Nsima Inyang thrown into the mix, the top 6 in this class were fairly clear from the start with great athletes such as Gerry Ruck and Francesco Paleari in the class to try and say otherwise. The comparisons quickly formed around the core of Chris and Shevon in the middle and almost certainly fighting out for the top spot, with the other 4 men moved around them in various combinations. It was a really hard battle to judge and the choice of who to cut from the top 5 left me scratching my head (although it must be said I was not at the judges table, and things always look different from 30 feet back). Adrian was the hardest in the class without doubt, with staggering detail but still lacking the completeness of some of the more experienced guys at this level but still more than good enough to draw a nervous glance from whoever was standing next to him during the comparison rounds. Nigel had the trademark symmetry and was harder than the day before but will be more of a definitive challenger at this level when he is a little bigger overall. Inyang was huge, with massive legs for a man of about 6’5’’ and had a beautiful shape but was the softest of the men by a margin that I felt was too great to place top 3 today but the comparisons indicated he was definitely being studied hard by the judges. Milan too still had not quite reached the level of conditioning required to truly excel at Pro level, but boasted a physique so heavily muscled and complete that it would be hard to ignore him. Meanwhile, Cunningham vs Nsubuga was turning into another “Apples vs Oranges” match with the tall, wide and aesthetic Champion (who was so much harder, fuller and more detailed than his International showing 5 weeks previously) and the more compact, thickly muscled and shredded Cunningham which divided opinion around the venue. I was looking forward to finding out how this one was going to go. After a short break, the amateur classes began to take the stage. Teens were first, featuring our own Dominic Rae. Dom was sharper than his UK win 5 weeks prior and as always looked picture perfect in his presentation. He was really up against it in this class though as the previously mentioned wonder kid Sergey Martynuyk contested the class with him and to the impartial eye couldn’t be beaten at this level. Dom also had his hands full in a close battle with Switzerland’s Emis Zara who although was considerably larger than Dom, had nowhere near his level of condition or aesthetic appeal. With Sergey almost certainly looking to be the winner, the judging leaned towards several comparisons between the other two athletes and ended with Dom in the middle and eagerly looking forward to seeing which side his luck would fall in at the finals. Juniors next, with Dom back onstage joined by UK Champ Marcos Gava. Marcos had tightened up a little since the UK and couldn’t have been any more cut today if he’d tried. He looked to have tipped the balance in his favour over Dom today after narrowly losing to him at the International the previous month, but again had his hands full with Patjim Ramadani or Switzerland and Martynuyk appearing again for his third class. It was hard to ignore the bigger men, with Ramadani looking to have edged Martynuyk this time and Marcos and Dom picking up 3rd and 4th respectively but again we would see how the evening panned out.

Della Mabbutt was up next in the Women’s Amateur Bodybuilding class. It was a strong line up featuring last year’s 3rd placed Amy Schaeffer who was much improved, fellow American Joy Radulovic and an amazing Swiss athlete in Anita Maria Reidl. Della was in superb condition and presented herself confidently, completely belying her experience level as a relative novice to the sport. Reidl looked dominant however, with muscle and shape unrivalled in the class and conditioning to match Della. To the same tone, it appeared that Della had too much overall to be beaten by the two American athletes and after another tough prejudging we were confident that she’d done enough to bag the runner up spot.

The bikini division was huge, and split into two height classes with Hayley Madigan in the 9 strong tall class. Hayley immediately stood out and appeared to match the optimum criteria for the class perfectly with her athletic and lean figure which she posed perfectly as one would expect from an athlete trained by UK Bodybuilding legend Marina Cornwall. Hayley’s major challenge in the class came from American Samantha Solimini, who although not quite as well shaped in the upper body or as well presented as Hayley was very good and would challenge hard for the top spot. The judging was again long and thorough and for Hayley involved being moved in and out of the centre spot constantly. I was quietly confident that she had done enough for the win, but time would tell...

Terezia Borcsok represented the team in both Fit Body (the discipline in which she won her UK title the month prior) and Figure. Many of the athletes in these two disciplines had crossed over between the two and the comparisons seemed to lean towards the same athletes being subject to the judges’ attention. For several years now we have considered running both disciplines at our own contests and this was the second time that one of our athletes had crossed over between both classes at the Worlds to find that they would fare equally as well in both, possibly negating the need for both classes in all honesty. Back to this particular day though, Terezia was perfectly prepared and in equally as impressive shape as when she qualified to compete here. As well as a well-balanced and developed figure in good shape, she was presented very well with a perfect tan and a suit which complimented her perfectly. She looked more at home posing in the Fit Body class, as UK athletes tend to be as it the discipline in which the stage performance element is closest to what we have traditionally had over here but was far from a slouch when it came to her presentation in the Figure division. In both classes, the top 3 were fairly clear from the comparisons but Terezia appeared to be on the fringe of those athletes and looked good for a trophy finish, which would be well deserved.

Alan “Aldo” Love was another Team UK athlete in his first season of competing whose polished stage product was a testament to expert coaching and was akin to a competitor with years of contest experience. In this very competitive 7 man class of various nationalities, Aldo was an immediate front runner with his perfect conditioning and dramatically shaped and tapered upper body which embodied the criteria for the class. He was immediately compared in the centre with Swiss competitor Sylvio Senn who was a friend and team mate of last year’s winner Manuel Guyer. Unable to quite match the tiny waist and resulting v-taper of Aldo, Sylvio’s strengths lay in his slightly fuller chest and shoulders and thicker, shapelier back which conversely was Aldo’s developmental area. These two men were very hard to pick between, and in reality stood out clearly from the rest of the class, as good as they were. Once again, we would be left to eagerly anticipate the evening’s results.

Although not the final man to take the stage for the team this afternoon, I purposely left Steve Howarth until last. Steve, one of the highest decorated Masters athletes in the sports history would make his long awaited WNBF Worlds debut today and was more determined than I’d ever seen him to lay claim to the title. So much so, he had bought to the stage today his tightest conditioned package to date, which when coupled with his ample muscle mass which was as always evenly distributed on his tall, wide shouldered frame could spell nothing but disaster for anyone who took the stage against him. The six men who faced him included a resurgent Victor Velasquez who looked so much better than his already impressive showing the day before, local veteran Steve Higgins who was the best I’d seen him and the heavily muscled Charles Blume who had the day before stood his ground admirably in the Open Heavyweight class. It was clear from the judging that none of these men had enough muscle, shape or condition to look to upset Steve’s plans and would have to be content with fighting out the other top placings. Steve at this point looked unstoppable, the clearest winner of the whole contest and a man who would have been capable of doing some damage in the Pro Classes. The venue was buzzing with admiration for Steve, with him having achieved superstar status by the time he’d left the stage with new fans and friends clamouring to meet the amazing athlete they’d just seen do his thing onstage. By now it was about 3.30 in the afternoon and with the night show due to commence in just over an hour Team UK beat a hasty retreat for a brief rest and refuel before it was time to go back to work. For some, this meant back down to the dressing rooms for a nap and for others a quick stroll along the Boardwalk to take in the last of the daylight on what was a breezy but surprisingly sunny day on the Atlantic Coast. So far, the contest had gone perfectly and the team unity and spirit was something to be immensely proud of. There was a genuine excitement throughout the resort as the evening approached and before we knew it, the finals were upon us...

Just after 5pm, the evening show began to a huge audience made up not only of those who had intended to travel to the contest, but many who had just been in Atlantic City for the weekend on a break and decided that to spend the evening at the show and find out a little more about this crazy sport of ours. It was amazing to see the event reach out to new fans in this way and for them to be out of their seats and snapping away with their cameras as the customary opening ceremony unfolded with the Pro Figure athletes wowing the audience and judges alike in their evening dresses (which as much as it’s never been my cup of tea, is certainly an element of the contest which is impressive from an audience point of view) as the other Pro division athletes flooded the stage class by class and posed their way into the admiration of the assembled crowds. Then, typical of the contest format in the States all of the athletes performed their free posing or stage walks class by class in the lead up to the awards ceremony at the end of the night. As expected, Team UK all posed excellently from the mature and graceful display of Dom in the Teens to the absolute posing masterclass laid on by Steve. Our new Pros all put their heart and soul into their stage time, particularly Damian who had been unable to use his chosen music the night before due to a problem with his disk and now made up for that in style by delivering the precise and powerful routine that won him best poser at the UK. Anna and Nicky both gave probably the best routines in their respective classes and Chris set the stage alight and had the audience out of their seats with his usual high energy free posing party, which just gets more infectious every time you see it. Adrian too bought the house down with an impassioned posing display which really exuded just how much it meant to him to be on this stage and saw him smiling from ear to ear throughout. Between routines, the whole team were enjoying their time together backstage in what had become a really great backstage atmosphere.

Some 4 hours after the start of the night show, it was time for the awards. Dom was our first and came out on the hard end of a very close call for the runner up spot, proudly taking third in a class won as predicted by Sergey, who also took the junior title ahead of Ramadani with Marcos taking his expected third spot and Dom fourth. Our Team UK members, as well as all of the guys in the first 2 classes have an incredible future in the sport.

The ladies all landed exactly where we thought they would following the judging, with Della a respectable runner up to the amazing Anita, Terezia fifth in both of her classes and an ecstatic Hayley first in her class. Moments later, Hayley would commence battle again with short class winner Christina Olivia who although impressive just couldn’t match Hayley whose shoulder and back width adds that extra element to her figure that was just unbeatable today. Hayley took the overall bikini title and the opportunity of a WNBF Pro Card if she wishes.

The placings in the physique class were counted down one by one until it was only Aldo and Sylvio left. In a contest that could have gone either way, a respectfully disappointed Aldo was the first to congratulate the Swiss athlete as his name was announced as runner up. For a man who had never competed before June of this year, to come second in a World level event was an amazing achievement for our sole Scottish team member.

In predicted fashion, the amazing Steve Howarth took the masters title at a canter and was once again offered his WNBF Masters Pro Card. It was a real honour to have an athlete of Steve’s calibre choose to be part of our team, and should he choose the Pro path he will be a legitimate threat at any level.

Then it was time for the Pro awards. Nicky was outside the top 5 in the Lightweights which was won once again by McLean. In the culmination of the close battle for top spot in the Heavyweight class, the super conditioned lower body of Robin Mays proved just enough to pip a career best Anna for the win but not quite enough to clinch the overall which was won by Irhassette McLean for the second consecutive year. An amazing performance from Anna, who had improved remarkably since her fourth place finish in 2012. The title is within her grasp, and knowing how fiercely competitive Anna is, she will not stop until it has been won. In the pro men, an over the moon Matt took an incredible fifth place in a class won once again by Brian Whitacre who looked dryer and tighter than at the prejudging as he set his sights once again on the overall title that had so narrowly eluded him so many times before. Damian’s Pro debut ended with a fantastic 8th place, as the Middleweight crown went once again to Cleveland Thomas. Damian relished his long awaited chance to stand with the giants of the Pro division and goes away motivated to make the progress required to finish in the medals next time.

The conundrum of the Heavyweights was about to be solved, with Nigel being the man not to make the top 5 cut but finishing his weekend safe in the knowledge that despite being denied the chance to compete at this level so many times he was finally here and very much in the mix. The huge Inyang took fifth as the men left onstage no doubt thanked their stars that he hadn’t quite managed to nail his condition this time. Milan claimed fourth place in his best showing at World level to date leaving the top three waiting for the final call.

Adrian took an amazing third place in his Worlds debut, and both cherished his bronze medal as it was presented and held a look of determination in his eyes that said he would be back to change it for the gold in the years to come. It was an amazing end to an amazing year for one of the most likeable and humble men in the sport. Chris took a very close place, being unseated by a better than ever Shevon who would complete the trio of men who would battle for the highest accolade in the sport, the Overall WNBF Professional World Title.

Moments later after round after round of comparisons between the three class winners, and following the wholehearted support of his friends from the UK, Brian Whitacre was elated to finally lay claim to the title that he had worked and yearned for over the last decade. It was wonderful to be there to share in the moment with Brian and his loved ones as he proudly had his hand raised and declared the best of the best. As the contest ended and calm fell over the theatre, it was time to eat! A night of food, friendship and just a little bit of gambling on the casino floor followed before one by one the fatigue got the better of us all and it was time to let this amazing day come to an end.

With all of the team and supporters having various plans for the coming days, the sequence of goodbyes began early the next morning before those of us who were headed home arrived at the airport together for our final farewells. Another long but comfortable flight later we were back on home soil with the memories of an amazing trip fresh in our minds and all of us motivated to make the following year one as equally special. With 5 individual Amateur World titles, 2 Amateur Overall Titles, 5 Pro Cards and every member of Team UK coming home with some silverware this was our most successful Worlds outing to date (the last being 2012, ironically also in Atlantic City). More importantly, we fielded our most close knit and colleague focused team to date with friendships being forged which would last a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. This success belongs to every member and supporter of the UKDFBA and we look forward to making you part of what we do in 2016.