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2013 UKDFBA Championships
Results by Lee Kemp, photos by Fivos Averkiou

Teenage Men:

1st – Chris Roche. Defending his title successfully and much improved over last years showing, Chris was the clearest winner of the day with just too much size, condition and stage presence for the others in the class. Chris is a truly World level athlete.

2nd – Salih Matsemela. In only his first contest, Salih was big and in great condition. He posed well and was unlucky to come up against Chris in reality, as on any other occasion he would have been a worthy champion.

3rd – Dale Rennison. A close call between Dale and Salih for the runner up spot with Dale just being a shade behind size wise. A very pleasingly shaped and proportioned physique in great condition though and another man who would have been a worthy winner any other day.

4th – Jack Storer. A huge Jack towered over the line up and represented a well balanced and lean physique which he presented with huge amounts of confidence for a first time competitor. With the time required to fill his huge frame with muscle, Jack will be a threat for major honours in future.

5th – James Donovan. James took the final top 5 slot with a heavily muscled and well shaped upper body. A little light on the legs and slightly too soft condition wise to turn the tables on those above him, James is another athlete who has great potential for the future.

Also competed - Kristian Georgiev and amazing 13 year old Brett Morris who bought the house down with a slick free posing display.

Junior Men:

1st – Dylan Manakore. In his first ever contest, Dylan took this incredible 11 man line up with a thickly muscled upper body in rock hard condition. Dylan has a great V taper with huge shoulders, chest and arms in particular and with some slight improvements to the lower body in terms of size and condition could be unbeatable at any level.

2nd – Tom Hamilton. Tom was huge, with not a weak body part in sight and incredible muscle fullness and thickness. If he nailed his condition, he is another man who could prove impossible to beat.

3rd – Marcus Beales. The sharpest of the top 3, with possibly the most pleasing shape was Marcus. Lighter than the 2 men above him but absolutely rock hard with great tan and stage presence, Marcus was thoroughly deserving of a top 3 spot which he fought hard for in the comparison rounds.

4th – James Doyle. Huge with great pec development, James was a touch softer than he needed to be to crack the top 3 today but with some adjustments to his prep could well have taken the class too. Massive potential.

5th – Jordan Cleland. The winner of a 3 way tie for the 5th placing by virtue of his rock hard conditioning, Jordan too will climb the pile in future with a little attention to balancing out his physique and a darker tan. Jordan was over the moon with his top 5 spot after a long journey down from Scotland to compete.

Also competed - Joseph Lyon and Aaron Daley (who shared the 3 way tie with Jordan for 5th place), Sam Wilson, Ashley Wilson, Mike Lambrianos and Jonathan King.

Masters Over 40:

1st – Steve Howarth. In his usual razor sharp condition and as always one of the biggest and heaviest muscled masters on the scene, Steve was pushed hard today and had to really battle to hang onto the title he won in 2011. At the end of a tough judging, Steve was just too shapely and balanced for the others this time round and took his second UKDFBA title.

2nd – Ian Hendy. Coming back to competition after a few years layoff, Ian was huge and in staggering condition. It was only a little inexperience in terms of his posing and a pale tan which may have relegated him to 2nd place today and with these areas rectified, Ian is a World Champion in waiting.

3rd – Ian Scammell. Another huge man in great shape, Ian too was reappearing after an absence from competition and had left no stone unturned in what appeared to be meticulous contest prep. The only thing that kept Ian in third spot today was the unbelievable quality of the class. On any other occasion, Ian would be the man to beat.

4th – Brian Wellman. Another multi titled man who has a string of honours to his name, Brian appeared today in his usual superb condition. With three much bigger and more aesthetically pleasing men above him, Brian had his work cut out for him today and set about his task with gusto. Fourth place in this line up is no disgrace at all, and Brian should be proud of his showing.

5th – Robert Rodney. Yet another top physique who is good enough for a top 3 spot at national level was the man they call “Chiselled Ice”. Big and full with a lovely balance, Robert was a little off the condition that usually sees him place a little further up the rankings and had the potential today to challenge the winner had he been in top shape.

Masters Over 50:

1st – Martin Duckett. Another titanic battle for the winners trophy took place in this class, with Martin and Rick having faced each other many times previously with the result going either way from one day to the next. Today, Martin took the class with a big, brutal physique in tight condition which had just a little too much mass for the others to match today.

2nd – Rick Waters. As stage ready as usual, the multi titled and experienced Rick was razor sharp with great stage presence. A touch lighter but a little sharper than Martin, Rick fought hard in the judging and lost a close decision that could well have gone the other way without any complaint.

3rd – Courtney Smith. The defending champ was in superb shape and looked bigger and fuller than last year, showing remarkable improvements for a man in his 50s quite frankly. Courtney could have caused another upset here with a little more hardness and separation in the legs perhaps, but even so was nipping at Ricks heels. Sporting but understandably disappointed not to have retained his title, Courtney will no doubt return bigger and better.

4th – Richard Lee. In great condition, with a beautifully shaped and thickly muscled upper body, Richard was just too light in the legs to place any higher in this company. Richard wowed the audience with a free posing display that showed incredible strength and flexibility for a man of any age.

5th – Jeff Worgan. Heavily muscled on all body parts, Jeff is proportionately longer in the upper body than lower, which without his usual trademark rock hard condition became apparent today when compared against others with more pleasing structures. Jeff needs to be 100% condition wise to create maximum impact with his physique and will no doubt be back to settle the score soon.

6th – Jeff Lunn. An amazing physique for a man in his 60s, Jeff would struggle to be a threat against the bigger men but enjoyed every second onstage and brought the house down with his inspirational physique.

Novice Ladies Fit Body:

1st – Helen Cutts. The first ever novice ladies fit body title was taken in style by an awesome Helen. With just the right balance of muscle development and condition for the class, Helen would have stood her ground in the open class admirably and will be a force to be reckoned with in future.

2nd – Hannah Matthews. A little softer than Helen, Hannah had a lovely shape and balance and too will do damage in future shows as she hardens up.

3rd – Kelly Perry. Kelly had a great physique, well muscled and in hard condition. She was in fact on the border of being a physique competitor, and with another years training to bring up her back a little and a reproduction of today’s condition will be tough to beat in that class.

4th – Heather Chapman. Like Kelly, Heather was quite heavily developed for a fit body competitor and in tight condition would make a great physique competitor. On this occasion, she was leaner in the upper body than the lower and in with this balance redressed may have placed a notch or two higher.

5th – Dana Nerimova. In ideal condition body fat wise, but without the muscle development to give her long limbed figure the contour it needed to be more competitive today, Dana will benefit from another year in the gym to add some size but was well prepared for today’s contest and has great potential for the future.

Novice Mens Lightweight:

1st – Ken Kilama. In a tough battle between the top 3, Ken was the total package of size, shape and condition which he presented well to deservedly take the title in a great field.

2nd – Noel Wakeling. Thickly muscled and rock hard, Noel was only edged out by Ken’s superior aesthetics today. In only his second contest, Noel has mastered his conditioning and will do some serious damage in future shows.

3rd – Manso Da Silva. Kens equal in terms of size and shape, Manso was notably softer than the two men who placed ahead of him. With his conditioning on par with Noel and Ken, he could possibly have taken this class with ease. I’m sure Manso will be back with no stone unturned in future and take the top placing he has potential for.

4th – Craig Martin. A relatively tall and wide shouldered man with a tiny waist and great taper, Craig was his best yet and lost out on a higher placing purely due to the incredible quality of the class. After two good seasons, Craig now leaves for the open classes where he will be a threat for sure.

5th – Lee Adams. In his first ever show, Lee was rock hard and balanced, with good stage presentation which belied his novice status. He is another man who would have placed a lot higher on any other day and should be proud of his top 5 berth.

Also competed – Kevin Webb, Jon Hills, Kevin Hodgkinson and Andrew Nortey.

Novice Mens Heavyweight:

1st – Enis Peltek. On one of the appearances that earned him his subsequent award for natural Muscle Forums Newcomer of the Year, Enis took this class with thick rounded muscle and rock hard conditioning. Once his legs come up to par with his upper body, Enis has the potential to make waves as a pro without doubt. He went on to feature strongly in the overall pose down, beating some established names in the process.

2nd – Dermot Gallagher. Enis didn’t have it all his own way as he was pushed right down to the wire by Dermott, who was in fact the lightest man in the class. Dermot had a beautifully shaped and perfectly balanced upper body with one of the best backs in the entire show. A little more hardness in the lower body may have seen the balance tipped in his favour.

3rd – Nathan McIntosh. A monster of a man, with amazing shoulder and arm development and a stage presence which belied his novice status, Nathan too will be a force to be reckoned with in future.

4th – Chris Tyson. Probably the sharpest man in the class with deeply separated body parts and the best tan and stage presentation of the class, Chris just missed a top 3 placing by a whisker.

5th – Guy Maycock. A huge man in both stature and muscle development in good condition, Guy was easily good enough to have won the class in previous years and as he matures over time will no doubt fulfil his potential to do so in the future.

Also competed – Lee Harrison, Devin Rogers and Dan Yuill

Ladies Amateur Bodybuilding:

1st – Nicky Fogarty. After so many years of being close to a major title, Nicky finally reached her holy grail and took this class and her WNBF Pro Card with a near perfectly balance, razor sharp physique showed off with her trademark excellent posing. There was no doubt from this showing that Nicky is every bit ready for the Professional ranks.

2nd – Emma Grzona. In an incredibly close fight for the runner up spot, a rock hard Emma took a tight decision by virtue of her superb conditioning in what was unbelievably her debut as a physique competitor! This class is without doubt perfect for Emma and I predict great things for her if she chooses to continue competing in it.

3rd – Nicola Joyce. Just missing the runner up spot was the experienced Nicola, who physique wise was slightly heavier muscled in the upper body than Emma but not quite as balanced top to bottom and just a shade off the condition needed to secure the runner up spot today. Having said that, there would have been no disputes if the decision would have gone the other way, so closely matched were the two ladies.

4th – Shelley Chapman. Making her contest debut in staggering condition with great thickness to the pecs and abdominals was Shelley. A little balancing out of her physique will see her climb the rankings in the very near future.

5th – Eve Cook. Last years third placed athlete and Team UK member Eve was really up against it today. The overall standard of the class, coupled with Eve not quite managing to present the level of size and condition she did last year meant that a top 3 spot would elude her today. However, her superb shape and presentation were ever present and she looked every bit at home competing at the national level.

Mens Open Under 68kg:

1st – Plamen Handarov. Returning to reclaim the title he won in 2011, Plamen was every bit as big, brutal and cut as he was then. His thickly muscled physique with particularly good back and arm development was just enough to fend of the strong challenge he faced from the runner up today.

2nd – Rich Grattan. Not quite as heavily muscled as Plamen but aesthetically more pleasing and equally if not a touch more conditioned, Rich was a hairs breadth away from taking the class win.

3rd – Greg Arias. In his usual airtight condition, and a lot fuller than he has been in some recent shows, Greg deservedly bagged the third place finish. In my opinion, he was possibly his best overall yet on this form and will continually place well if he emulates the balance he struck today.

4th – Scott Galton. With probably the best structure and shape in the class, Scott is slowly balancing out his amazing lower body with the torso and arms to match, and coupled with slightly harder condition has the tools to take this title without doubt.

5th – Emon Kazem. A debut competitor in superb shape, Emon stepped straight into the “Lions Den” in tackling such a tough class in his first contest. He was hard, with great thickness in his chest and shoulders and a pleasing shape. A man with great potential.

Mens Open Under 75kg:

1st – Damian Lees. Damian regained the title he first won in 2011 with style, dominating the class with size and shape, with his trademark leg development and world class side triceps pose. Although not quite 100% condition wise (as he looked ahead to the Worlds to hit his peak), Damian was hard enough to claim a straight firsts victory and his graceful yet powerful free posing earned him the male best presentation award.

2nd – Phil Brown. Phil is hard to fault, with a well muscled and well balanced physique in good, hard condition. Phil literally only had one problem today, and that was Damian being in the same class as he was! Any other year, Phil would be a worthy champion and hold his own at World level.

3rd – Danny Richardson. With unbelievable thickness and fullness to his muscles, Danny is a legitimate threat at top level. His condition was not where it needed to be today, and considering he only just missed the weight limit for the class below, one would assume that in top shape he would have dropped into, and possibly threatened to take this class. Nonetheless, a great first year of competition for Danny and a big future if he decides to pursue it.

4th – Elvis Hall. Elvis was in great shape, hard and muscular. He just lost out a little size wise to the men who placed above him, and needs to master the art of appearing at prejudging as full and dry as he was at the night show, as if he did he may have cracked the top 3.

5th – Ian Stevenson. A lifetime best Ian came to this stage today. Year by year he gets a little bigger, a little harder and continues to balance out his physique. Ian is a hard working and humble man who acts diligently on the feedback he asks for year on year and is a pleasure to host.

6th – Charlie McKee. Again, in great shape and battled hard with Ian for the 5th spot. Charlie too makes good progress for a man at his stage of career and never fails to appear well presented and in good shape.

Mens Open Under 80kg:

1st – Mark Oakes. “The Natural Oak” was firmly focused on a rampage through the natural bodybuilding circuit in 2013, and his campaign started here as he won this class comfortably with his usual package of well balanced no-nonsense mass with no weak points in superb condition. Mark once again bought the house down with his posing and looked a front runner for the overall.

2nd – Paul Douglas-Waller. Not allowing Mark to have it quite all his own way though, Paul returned to competition after several years layoff unrecognisable from the novice who competed back in 2008. Huge, thickly muscled and in frightening condition, Paul was as “freaky” as it gets at this level of the sport.

3rd – John Madourie. A stalwart of the game, John never ceases to impress with his granite hard muscle and deep separations which can come only from years of toil in the gym. John pushed the others hard and will always be towards the front of the pack in any show in this shape.

4th – Tony Barnes. Last years novice champion came to the stage bigger and thicker than in 2012 although not quite as hard. Tony loved every moment onstage as always and held his own admirably with the more experienced men.

Mens Open Under 86kg:

1st – Michael Hannam. Without a doubt, the best physique of the show with muscle to spare a shape to die for and beautiful shape and balance. Having decided to enter the show at relatively short notice however, the big question was always going to be if Michaels conditioning was good enough to take the overall and regain his WNBF Pro Card.

Mens Open Over 86kg:

1st – Gordon Adam. The defending champion, a huge, rock hard, no nonsense Gordie aggressively tore through the heavyweight class with his trademark high energy posing to retain his title and become the final man to stake a claim on the overall title and pro card.

2nd – Nigel St Lewis. A Pro World Champ in waiting, Nigel was close to his best yet today. His legs and back are closer than ever to being in balance with the rest of his physique and his conditioning improving all of the time. Coupled with his beautiful genetic shape, “The Symmetry” is a sure bet for major honours in the near future.

3rd – Wayne Robb. A huge Wayne made his UKDFBA debut as a 2 time British Champion to attempt to add the UK Title to his CV. He engaged in a full on battle with the other two men for the top 3 spots and was only just nudged into third place in possibly the best quality line up he has ever competed in domestically. Wayne too has pro potential and any other day would have made a worthy winner here.

4th – Alan Mack. Alan returned vastly improved from his comeback of 2 years ago, with more size overall but especially his legs and back. His tan, posing and general presentation was spot on and only a slight mistiming of his condition held him back today.

5th – Dean Pounder. Dean was huge and hard, with particularly good legs and overall depth and thickness when viewed from the side. Deans placing is purely a reflection of the quality of the class.

6th – Daniel Awolola. Dan is one of the sports nicest and most consistent guys and held his own admirably with a heavily muscled and well balanced physique in decent condition. Dan is literally a few percent away from having enough “oomph” to his physique to leap several places in a line up like this and I am sure that with continued effort he will. As always, he enjoyed every second onstage and treated the crowd to a hardcore free posing display.

Mens International Class:

1st – Thomas Nordal Rasmussen (Denmark). Thomas travelled to the UK meaning business, and took this class comfortably with a compact and well balanced physique in simply frightening condition. His overall presentation and stage appearance were every bit pro standard and Thomas, having been offered and accepted his pro card today will acquit himself well at that level.

2nd – Marian Leonte (Romania). A big man, with thick pecs and arms and a nice overall shape, Marian could not match Thomas for condition today which saw him take the runner up spot.

3rd – Matej Slivon (Slovakia). Matej was well put together and without any discernable weak points, but without the condition of Thomas or the size of Marian found himself in third place. Nonetheless a great physique who continues to improve from contest to contest.

Ladies Open Fit Body:

1st – Steff Noble. Steff was in absolutely perfect shape for this contest, meeting the criteria for levels of muscle development and conditioning to a tee and appearing today on form which would do some real damage internationally. Her win did not go unchallenged, but was a solid and well deserved one against a field of experienced athletes.

2nd – Heather Oakes. Heather too was spot on in terms of her level of muscle development, and with a little more hardness in the lower body may well have turned the tables today. Heather bought the house down with her posing and deservedly took the ladies best presentation award as a result.

3rd – Lucy Walton. Another lady who presented an overall package absolutely ideal for these criteria was Lucy, whose only problem was the quality of the rest of the line up! At this early stage of her career, only a bright future can be predicted for her.

4th – Deborah Scholefield. Last years runner up was in her usual great condition and presented a beautifully shaped and well presented package and fought hard in the judging to secure her eventual placing.

5th – Emma Louise Bowen. A little heavier muscled and leaner than Debbie but without quite as pleasing a structure, Emma could quite easily have placed a few notches higher without complaint and wowed the crowd with a superb free posing display.

Also competed: Julia Hubbard, Lyndsey Jamieson and Samira Arnaout.

WNBF Pro Womens European Cup:

1st – Helen Stack ($750). The reigning World Champ swept this class with unrivalled size and condition on her beautifully structured frame. For those that have never seen Helen in the flesh before, or those who have not seen her since she turned Professional it was a profound display of why she is one of the greatest natural athletes in the World.

2nd – Anna Millington ($500). Anna came to the stage with great improvements in size since her pro debut at last years Worlds without having disrupted her balance or sacrificing condition. She is slowly approaching the level which will see her challenge for the World title in the near future.

3rd – Nicky Fogarty ($250). In her Pro debut, utilising her newly awarded pro card, Nicky held her own admirably with her already pro level conditioning and presentation and left nobody in any doubt that she deserved her newly awarded status thoroughly.

4th – Marina Cornwall ($150). Just missing out on third place after a close fight was long time Professional athlete Marina. In her usual superb shape, she was over the moon to be competing in her home country for the first time in many years and treated the crowd to her trademark superb free posing which went down a storm.

Mens Overall Winner and WNBF Pro Card - Mark Oakes

In a stage buckling line up of all of the means class winners bar two, the judges had one final headache of a decision to make.

Firstly, Thomas Nordal Rasmussen validated his pro card eligibility (to win a pro card one must defeat at least 4 others, as if in a 5 person line up of sufficient quality) with style as he was clearly of a standard that would have placed him close to the overall win had he been judged thus.

Finally, the placing of the overall champion. After a quick round of poses and a shuffle around, it soon became apparent that Damian, Enis and Gordie although closely matched and close to the front of the pack were slightly behind Mark and Michael in the race for the title. As mentioned earlier in the report, Michael is physically almost flawless, with mass, balance and shape in abundance. However Mark himself is not light on muscle and although not as aesthetically pleasing as Michael is certainly not unpleasant to look at. Condition wise, Michael was to my eyes exposed as being a little softer than first thought now he was onstage next to several men who were close to flawless in this department. Still, it was an incredibly close call which required a further few rounds of posing before the judges finally cast their votes and on a 3-2 split awarded the 2013 Overall UK title, the Championship Belt and the WNBF Pro Card to an ecstatic Mark Oakes with a disappointed but sporting Michael Hannam being the first to congratulate him. And thus ended our biggest and best UK Championships to date, with the selection for Team UK 2013 to follow in the next few days.

Our thanks and appreciation go to all of our sponsors, particularly the main show sponsors Smart Tec, Wear 2 Gym and Cherry Active and to all of our officials and supporters who made the day possible for the most important people of all. And it is to them, our members and athletes that I will save my final and greatest thanks. Without you, there is no sport and it is with great honour that we serve you and give to you the platform you deserve to do what you love. Thank you.

See you next year.